Bill & Barbara, friends supreme!

I met Bill and Barbara courtesy of Ebay and knew them as The Wobblies, his email address – his Ebay member’s name was Bottomshed Bill!  I was looking for some old cheap tiles as a feature for my bathroom and scoured Ebay on a daily basis.  Old Victorian and Art Deco tiles can be very expensive so hunting for bargains meant a regular Ebay trawl and of course any antique-y shops I came across.  Bill had some tiles for sale at a reasonable price, being a reasonable sort of guy that’s what you would expect of Bill!  I bought the tiles and thanked him and in my response signed off as Raks.  He came back and said something and referred to me as “lad” which I promptly corrected and said I was a lass not a lad!  And this meaningful exchange led to a long-lasting beautiful friendship and he even gave me some tiles for free!  That’s the kind of fella he is and we have been buddies ever since.

Bill and Barbara invited us to their fairytale cottage in Gestingthorpe and we fell in love with them, their house and their garden……..and ever since have exchanged visits as and when we can and keep in regular touch.

Below are pictures of some of Bill’s handicraft…. beautiful pieces made with kindling or odd pieces of old wood

Bill and Barbara’s beautiful house, bakehouse in the distance and garden to die for!

Bill is my primary port of call if I need help with any DIY project and being a true friend he never fails to oblige!  On visits to us he carries his toolbox, saw and all, and has made and put up shelves for me amongst other little jobs I found impossible with my limited DIY skills – John, who is not very good with the hammer and would be the first to admit it, looks on admiringly while Bill deftly hammers a nail into the wall!!

Bill is a true craftsperson in my opinion, and being a very humble sort of guy he may disagree, but I will leave you to be the judge….

Some screw top keychains he knocked off on a rainy day – a very handy way of carrying that tenner you may need

Bill's pendants

Bill's mushrooms

Bill's salt pots
Salt pots 


A beautiful cactus only Bill could grow from seed!! 

3 thoughts on “Bill & Barbara, friends supreme!

    1. Hey ole friend, they are not far from you – will introduce you next time round. I am sure you’ll love them as much as I do!

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