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Green beefsteak tomatoes sitting on the kitchen window sill to ripen – it was a poor summer!


Starling frenzy!
Taken through my kitchen window – click on the picture to see in full view


2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Nice upbeat tale from South-East Cornwall. In reality the sun does not always shine – we have storms too – and big ones at that – but June 2014 was great, with temperatures well above those shown on the TV weather maps. And yes – the sea can be as blue as that at Millendreath – especially after half a bottle of good rose!
    Looe Island has a special magic – well worth the trip (best to ring Loo Tourist Info first) despite the vagaries of the ferry service which is dependent on favourable tide times and fair weather. It’s peaceful and almost sub-tropical on the eastern side where the Atkins sisters used to live; and wild, rugged & exposed on its western coast. Now owned by a wildlife trust, hopefully it will be protected for generations to come.

    1. Thank you Robert – rain, hail or shine we love Cornwall and specially Saltash! Perhaps we could visit Looe Island next trip depending on the weather of course

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