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I am Rakshanda (my friends call me Raks) and I live in West London with John, my best friend and husband for 30 years and more. I think John’s rather noisy (he would disagree!) and I am sort of quiet. John loves and knows music inside out and I love words, topsy turvy and the two come together and here we are. Between you, me and the blog, John is very very good with words too…….. shush!

My son Saqib and his wife Mariyam and my beautiful heavenly granddaughter Manaal (I call her Minnie) live in Karachi and I miss them deeply (thank the stars for Skype!) My brother Farid is also in Karachi and I try and visit as often as I can – it is hard living away from those you love.

Minnie resized(2)  Minnie loves broccoli!

We currently have 3 cats (used to have as many as 6!), moggies of course, Illu, Irina and Shimizu – our babies and we love them to bits.

After what seems like a lifetime, I retired recently and said hey! a lady of leisure I shall be and do all the things I had promised myself, upon retirement…..I could see myself gracefully (oh ok perhaps in my garden boots!) pottering about my garden, sun hat donned in eternal hope…. surely it was a matter of time and the clouds would lift, the skies clear and the sun take its sweet revenge …… or I could snuggle down in my favourite armchair clutching the huge tome I had promised myself I would wade through when I had the time or perhaps leisurely fuss over some crazy tofu recipe, or even muster courage, once more, to give in to the spell of the Seven Sisters – just once more to rise with the cliffs, touch the skies and dip my toes in the waves below – to experience that divine moment which is the South Downs and the call of the “Seven Sirens”! All those dreams of what I would and here I am, working like crazy to join the world of the Blogger!

Seven-Sisters-Cliffs-East-Sussex-England  The Seven Sisters, East Sussex

Veggie -v- vegan…?

John and I have been veggies now for 30+ years and I gave up dairy about 2 years ago (John is yet to take the step). Had I not been willing to be honest with myself at last and face the truth about dairy farming, it’s possible I would have not embraced veganism (I LOVED eggs, very much!).

And this is how it came to be……about two years ago now, over a glass of wine or two and following a discussion on the cruelty of commercial dairy farming with my best friend Rani (she had gone vegan a year ago) she sent me a link to Gary Yourovsky’s Best Speech You’ll Ever Hear which sat in my Inbox for 2 whole weeks. I knew very well that once I clicked on play, there would be NO MORE EGGS!! Ouch! and I didn’t want to know…..but then, one bleak winter’s night I braced myself; made myself a cup of strong black tea with lots of sugar, found my friend’s email and Clicked Play – from the very beginning I was mesmerised by this amazing  confident young man who believed and who looked his audience in the eye and delivered this impeccable, balanced, no-argument speech to students and there was no going back…. the next morning no frying pan, no eggs – WHAM!  I had given up dairy and taken my first step towards a vegan lifestyle! I will admit that the egg gap took a while to breach;  I tried oats, bran, toast with some awful greasy margarine which tasted of nothing, just grease (hadn’t found the right one yet) and almost gave up on breakfast. Took me about three to four months to hunt around health food shops and supermarkets and stock up my pantry and fridge – I wasted a lot of money in a desperate attempt to find substitutes and vegan products. I over-bought simply because I didn’t know what I was looking for – a ‘suck it and see’ approach until eventually having scoured the internet for information and advice from like-minded folk,  I stocked up with all the goodies I now love and trust.

So if you too find yourself in the same place as me, willing to have a go at living cruelty-free but simply don’t know where to begin, I hope I can be of some help – feel free to ask questions if you’re stuck! I will be posting recipes, most of them quite simple and lots of other information on a regular basis so watch this space…..

Please bear with my lack of photographic skills – another learning curve which I am steering around with the help of my dear friend Bill (more about Bill later).  Big thanks to Court Tuttle, Blog Builder Supreme who I came upon in my search and without whom I would never have set this up – if you are thinking of setting up a blog then should be your first stop.

I would also like to thank all my friends who have helped and supported me in my efforts with practical help and moral support – wouldn’t have made it without……

Hope to see you and look forward to your comments – all constructive feedback welcome!


10 thoughts on “My Blog

  1. Hi Raks
    I love your blog site
    Although I am not vegan I love your food
    I have tested and tasted some of the recipes and they are very delicious
    Keep blogging !!!
    Love Maria xx

    1. Thank you so much Maria! I hope you will try some of the recipes and if you get stuck or have any questions, just shout!

      Best, Raks

  2. Hi Shangol. Mum and I are very impressed with this blog. I know that these recipes will be good…although I am yet to try them, because you are a great cook. So I will try these over the summer holidays and feedback to you.
    We love you. Mena and Antonia xxxx

    1. Hi Mena and Antonia! so happy you both like the blog and I hope you will enjoy the recipes when you have a go in the holidays. Let me know how you get along – also if there is any dish you particularly like which you don’t find on the blog, I am happy to have a go at doing a vegan version and posting it for you! Take care and love to both of you xxx

  3. Hello, Raks!
    I NEED your potato pie, but Barbara won’t let me have it. Have a word with her, please, ole buddy. Pics look good.
    Bill XX

    1. Hey Bill, have spoken to Barbara and tried to persuade her – as I said, you can do it without the pastry, just a potato bake with a difference. Let me know how you get along!

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