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A few months ago, when I first started researching the possibility of setting up my blog, the first thing I did was think up domain names – eye-catching, memorable and pertinent domain names. Much to my dismay, I soon realised that any name I chose which made any sense or was catchy was already taken up and not available….. how was this? Soon learnt more… any pertinent name you may think of will almost always be taken and the reason for this is that there are people out there frantically buying domain names, building up a stash for no purpose other than making money, call it investment! I believe some domain names are sold for a small fortune – a racket or business acumen, depending on your perception.

I spent days jotting down any possible domain name which crossed my mind! One of the names which came out of the blue was “pigeonethic” – it was  triggered by the story of the much maligned pigeon.  I bagged the name for who after all would want a domain name called pigeonethic!

I wondered why pigeons were called vermin? I love pigeons and to me they are like any other bird. I trawled the internet for answers and discovered that according to the Scottish Association for Country Sports, “vermin” was a misnomer and that there is no such thing as “vermin”!! What?? Here’s what they had to say….

“Welcome to the section on vermin. The first thing you need to know is that there is no such thing as ‘vermin’.  We use the word to mean species of birds and animals which cause us problems in some way, but different people have different ideas about what should be controlled, why and how.”

Ah! So a pigeon was “vermin” because it was like a weed – a plant in the wrong place…. or something we simply didn’t like because it poops on our well laid lawn, or it coos and coos and drives us insane, and over time the perpetrator of these misdemeanours and inconveniences joins the family of other undeserving creatures also known as “vermin”.  So any creature or living being which bothers us, poops in the wrong place, makes a racket and is what WE consider to be a nuisance could be termed as “vermin” – is that fair?  I love pigeons; I love their little nervous, bobbing heads and feed them in my garden along with any other bird who cares to partake of the nutty feast we put out every day for all to share.

Children & pigeons

Like bird song? here is what I found….. bird song identification tool for Apple iPod and IPhone


Unbelievable list and images of different kinds of pigoens all over the world!


2 thoughts on “Pigeon Ethics…

  1. How lovely and very refreshing to meet a fellow lover of pigeons!
    I love them so much and take to heart negative comments and attitudes towards these beautiful birds.
    People go on about the diseases they supposedly carry; but did you know that cats , dogs and humans carry far more diseases than pigeons? It’s a fact.

    I have a flock of about 12 pigeons which visits my garden twice daily to feed upon the seed I put out for them, their gentle cooing creates a soothing ambience and they help to brighten my day x

    1. So true Gillian, we too have pigeons come to our garden and we love them; their nodding sweet heads and suspicious glances! We cater for pigeons, birds and the naughty squirrels and love watching everyone enjoy themselves x

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