Tofu types & preparation

I recently read that freezing tofu changes the texture and makes it chewier!  Next thing was to have a go which I did and, guess what, it does!  So well worth it and here’s how…. Get some firm tofu and slice into about ¼ inch slices, drizzle some soy sauce on the tofu and freeze.  Only freeze as much as you wish to use for one meal as once defrosted, you need to cook it.  To defrost you could either leave it out at room temperature or place the container in warm water.  Always remember to squeeze the tofu to remove excess liquid.  I find the best way to do this is to place 2 sheets of kitchen paper on the chopping board, place slices of tofu on it and then cover with another 2 sheets of kitchen paper.  Press gently with the palm of your hands and the kitchen paper will absorb the moisture.  Change the paper if it gets too soggy and squeeze again – always handle tofu gently and with care as it breaks easily.  Use this method to remove excess water from tofu even if you don’t freeze it.  Squeezing in the palms of your hands can be tricky and not efficient – I find placing it in kitchen paper works best. For more information on different types of tofu check this site. This is what I did for these tofu bites and they turned out really chewy and dry which is the result we are looking for in fried tofu!  Have a go and leave your comments.

Smokey fried tofu

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