Vegan shopping & know how

Here are some articles you may find useful on nutrition as well as some information on vegan foods and resources.  I see more and more vegan products in the stores these days and most restaurants are now aware of what vegan means and what vegans will not eat and don’t look at you in despair.

  • Medical Medium – Medical Medium is a very interesting and useful page on Facebook with lots of valuable information on the properties and medical uses of herbs, vegetables, flora and fauna.



2 thoughts on “Vegan shopping & know how

  1. Hi,
    I have found your site with only a few things in my cupboard and in the fridge: I have a cold virus feel terrible just started to try and be a vegan- cant get out to do shopping- have frozen spinach, some pure and whole wheat flour- thought about making some kind of pie – looked up a recipe search and here you are!
    I am still debating going vegan- hardest for me to give up- dairy, especially cheese and yogurt ( I refuse to eat vegan sheese and the yogurt just isn’t the same and eggs- I have thought about getting my own chickens- so not sure.

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