Walkabout in Kew Gardens…

Thursday, 5th June –  the sun was shining, John had a day off and the first promise of summer was in the air.  In a moment of carpe diem, we put on our togs and hopped on the bus to Kew gardens.  As we are fortunate enough to be only 30 minutes away by bus, we make good use of our annual membership which is well worth the £90 we pay and we get to take one guest each!

No matter what the time of year Kew always delivers and a walkabout is never disappointing; however, some days are special and this was one of those days.  The weather was just perfect; the sun shone and a gentle breeze carried the unmistakable fragrance of freshly cut grass – we breathed deeply and felt blessed.  I always find Kew is good for the soul, more so than any other park in London.


The rose arches were laden with blooming rose ramblers and a hundred varieties of salvia in bloom.


Came across a display of artwork (Kew often has displays) where a couple of ancient tree trunks had been pinned with colourful crochet doilies – took a pic with my blackberry and regretted not having picked up my camera.


Spot the sheep sculptures in the background


This sweet chestnut took my breath away… look at the awesome trunk and that amazing bark!  it’s a funny feeling touching it, knowing that it has been touched by many now gone and here for those who follow …



…..and here’s John accentuating a group of flowering poppies and eschscholtzias


If you haven’t yet visited Kew, I hope you will be inspired by the pictures and pack your bags and head to these magical gardens- I am sure you won’t be disappointed.  Entry is £15 and children 16 and under go free of charge.

Monday today, hope you enjoyed your weekend and until the next post, take care all!

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